Di cari Sopir pribadi untuk saya di Bali

Di cari Sopir pribadi untuk saya di Bali
Jobs desk:
Menemani saya jalan jalan keliling bali
Menjadi fotografer jika di perlukan
Pria lajang
Good looking
Tinggal bersama saya
Tidak mudah mengeluh



14 thoughts on “Di cari Sopir pribadi untuk saya di Bali

  1. I am 57 yrs old, still fresh physically, willing to have any job in Bali. I am well experienced in General Admin including computer works also licensed any matic or manual cars as am having Driving license A/C.
    Any one who needs my services just call at phone no +6285795695355.
    Beside that also I can Arabic as I had ever been worked in Saudi Arabia couple years ago.
    Thank you

  2. good afternoon, in case someone needs my services, I can bring a manual or automatic car, and I can also do any work and am always ready whenever needed, please contact the telephone number 081953805569 if you need my services, thank you